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Cre8tive Resources

Cre8tive Resources believes in providing a modern, exciting, high quality and engaging curriculum for all students no matter what background they are from. Cre8tive Resources CIC is a not for profit social Enterprise set up to help support teachers, parents and students all across the UK.

We are teachers, leaders and educational practitioners using our vast experience in the classroom to design highly engaging and educational resources for your students.

We aim to arm teachers with a fantastic arsenal of resources that can help them in delivering outstanding educational outcomes for their students. These opportunities can be delivered through all subjects in the curriculum.

Our resources will enthuse, engage and inspire your students whilst allowing them differentiated access to new concepts, ideas and the safe space to challenge societal expectations and perceptions.

Cre8tive Resources is led by our inspiring CEO Brett Kingsnorth who is a secondary PSHE, Citizenship and Careers school leader with over 10 years' experience in the classroom. Brett has been a leader in the field of GCSE Citizenship for many years. He has been a special guest speaker for the PGCE Citizenship course in Sheffield, various teach-meets and presented at head teacher conferences. His passion is turning around Citizenship and PSHE departments to make them the centre of school life and top of the results tables.

Alongside his day job as a teacher Brett has successfully launched 'facebook teacher support Groups' in 2018, Cre8tive Resources in 2019, the PSHE and Citizenship Academy in 2020, the UK's first revision app for GCSE Citizenship and PSHE in 2021.

Cre8tive Learning

We have design hundreds of classroom experiences to bring your learning and or lessons alive.

Our escape rooms will take students through a series of educational puzzles whilst testing their teamwork and analytical skills on a learning journey like no other. Students will compete against both the clock and each other as they try to solve each mystery and answer all the revision questions.

Our tarsia puzzles come in packs of four and you can opt for digital puzzles to be used on any device or as a traditional print and play. They are differentiated for ability. They may seem easy at first but wait till you see the conversations produced by the students as they try to solve them.

Our new range of Remarkable and Task card boardgames will make sure that exam revision sessions are never the same again. These are modelled on some traditional family board games with a unique educational twist.

Need to recap some important content from a unit? Try our digital revision quizzes. These come with detailed presentations, certificates and much more...

Cre8tive PSHE

“To prepare students for a world we can’t envisage so when they’re stuck with something they’ve never seen before they choose to think instead of remember”

We provide full PSHE - RS(H)E - Careers - Citizenship USB packages for secondary schools. Our PSHE curriculum is fresh, new & engaging and pushes the boundaries of what PSHE can be and designed by Teachers for Teachers. The entire curriculum was designed after the new reforms were announced and comes fully editable so you can pick and choose / adapt what you like to fit the needs of your students.

Our Cre8tive PSHE schools benefit from excellent customer service and support from the Cre8tive Resources team, a mobile app for all students to use to track progress and extra support from the for common FAQ's Secondary PSHE HOD's may have.

Please join us on this incredible journey to change the focus and value of education away from just exam results and a narrowing of the curriculum to widening the opportunities of the next generation and developing the state of the whole student. We believe that education must inspire the next generation and that lessons quite frankly should be fun, memorable experiences.

Cre8tive Citizenship

We are market leaders in providing revision material for GCSE Citizenship Studies. Our GCSE Citizenship journey started 10 years ago and this subject is at the centre of Cre8tive Resources and everything we do.

We provide full resources packages for AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR exam boards GCSE Citizenship specifications. We have lessons, work booklets, examinations, digital assessments, trackers, revision materials, quizzes and much much more all designed by our Citizenship specialists.

I purchased the full 5 year PSHE package and the 5 year careers package. I am so impressed with this company. I rang on a Saturday morning, and spoke to Brett, who was incredibly helpful. The curriculum packages are amazing, he's thought of EVERYTHING that a PSHE/Careers Lead/teacher would need, including rewards certificates and even behaviour cards, as well as fantastic lessons. Assessment and progress are easy to measure, and it is very Ofsted friendly!

PSHE Head of Department

Amazing customer service from point of order to delivery and beyond, responding to Twitter messages incredibly quickly. The resources I have received for my GCSE Citizenship classes have been a god send and saved me so much time. Could not recommend them more! Thanks guys!

Head of GCSE Citizenship

These resources are an absolute God send! Saved me so much time. They are editable and will easily fit into your schemes. They also come with lesson plan info that will easily slot into your own long term plan etc. They are also mapped against the PSHE Association which again saved me so much time. I would definitely recommend for new or established HODs.

PSHE Head of Department

An Amazing company which has excellent communication and customer service. They have some excellent Business escape room resources and have even made some for the new NCFE Business and enterprise course where there is a total lack of resources. I highly recommend these resources and company. 5 stars is not enough for them!!!

Head of Business

I've been really impressed with the range and quality of materials offered for different age groups! There are also a wide variety of themed quizzes and escape room games which have gone down a treat in my classes across all keystages.

Mr Henry Francis

An excellent resource that has been well researched and so easy to use. Delighted with how straightforward it is and the follow up care is excellent. Very happy with this and I am sure it will be a great tool to use for my students. Also easy for non specialist to follow and no planning for them to do.

PSHE Head of Department

A massive range of resources; I've slowly been buying more and more of their offering over time and find it incredibly useful and time saving! My pupils have also found the resources useful and engaging - thanks a lot!

Secondary School Teacher

An excellent set of extensive resources all in one place that cover all the statutory requirements of RSHE, PSHE and RE as well as being linked in with the Gatsby's for the careers coverage. They are all up to date and can be used in a number of different ways. Perfect for non specialists and they have also been excellent with post purchase support. and guidance. Would thoroughly recommend.

Secondary Careers Leader

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