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We have design hundreds of classroom experiences to bring your learning and or lessons alive.

Our escape rooms will take students through a series of educational puzzles whilst testing their teamwork and analytical skills on a learning journey like no other. Students will compete against both the clock and each other as they try to solve each mystery and answer all the revision questions.

Our tarsia puzzles come in packs of four and you can opt for digital puzzles to be used on any device or as a traditional print and play. They are differentiated for ability. They may seem easy at first but wait till you see the conversations produced by the students as they try to solve them.

Our new range of Remarkable and Task card boardgames will make sure that exam revision sessions are never the same again. These are modelled on some traditional family board games with a unique educational twist.

Need to recap some important content from a unit? Try our digital revision quizzes. These come with detailed presentations, certificates and much more...



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