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“To prepare students for a world we can’t envisage so when they’re stuck with something they’ve never seen before they choose to think instead of remember”

We provide full PSHE - RS(H)E - Careers - Citizenship USB packages for secondary schools. Our PSHE curriculum is fresh, new & engaging and pushes the boundaries of what PSHE can be and designed by Teachers for Teachers. The entire curriculum was designed after the new reforms were announced and comes fully editable so you can pick and choose / adapt what you like to fit the needs of your students.

Our Cre8tive PSHE schools benefit from excellent customer service and support from the Cre8tive Resources team, a mobile app for all students to use to track progress and extra support from the for common FAQ's Secondary PSHE HOD's may have.

Please join us on this incredible journey to change the focus and value of education away from just exam results and a narrowing of the curriculum to widening the opportunities of the next generation and developing the state of the whole student. We believe that education must inspire the next generation and that lessons quite frankly should be fun, memorable experiences.



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