Posted by Joy Helliwell on 25.06.19 in Guest Blogs, Resources

Teacher of RE & Citizenship

GCSE Citizenship – Cre8tive Resources in Action!

Further proof that Cre8tive Resources products are helping teachers to better educate and support their pupils.

Using the revision checklist has allowed students to take ownership of their learning. After we have covered each topic, students tick it off. They also add notes if they were absent so they know what they need to catch up on. It can take a while to get into the habit of remembering to ‘tick off’ a topic once completed, but my students have been great at reminding me if I forget! The end section that allows students to identify how secure they are in their understanding of a topic has been really useful as they have been able to focus their revision on the areas they need to, rather than aimlessly reading through a revision guide. The checklist is broken down into smaller topics which also helps to make revision more manageable. Rather than thinking that they struggle with a particular topic, students are able to identify strengths and weaknesses within a topic which can give them a real boost when it comes to identifying what they know, giving them a sense of confidence before their exam.  

One of the workbooks I have used is on ‘International Justice (ICC & ICJ)’. I set this as independent study for some of my more able students. They completed this prior to the lesson and we used the workbook as a basis for discussion on this topic. Students enjoyed the opportunity to look at the topic before the lesson and some of them said that they had worked together to complete the tasks. I really like the idea of students meeting together to study, putting some of the ownership back on them. They enjoyed the range of tasks in the booklet and found the layout user-friendly. I think my weaker students or those who are less motivated may struggle to complete the booklet, but they would definitely be able to access some of the tasks, and the appealing layout of the booklet may encourage them to have a go.

Having good quality resources has saved me a great deal of time. I had wanted to create a revision checklist for some time but had never managed to get round to creating one that was in as much detail. Having used these resources, I would have no hesitation in looking at other resources created by Cre8tive Resources.


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