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Sian Randall from Sian Randall Therapies is an expert in menstrual education for women of all ages, her passion is helping women understand their bodies and their choices.

PSHE Education – Have you ever thought of menstrual charting?

Part one of a three-part series on menstrual re-education, understanding your cyclic nature and menstruation with the help of menstrual cycle charting and, how to access your best life and best you! Happy charting!

… maybe you’ve heard of fertility charting? When women take note of their cycle to pinpoint when they’re ovulating to achieve the greatest potential for conception. It’s quite common practice these days.

I’m talking about the same thing but I am coming from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t want to have a child yet but wants to know herself a little better.

This chart is a circle and divided up into 30 sections as it’s a reflection of your menstrual/ovulation cycle (Some woman can have longer or shorter cycles, adjust as you see fit)

The 30-day menstrual chart
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I’ve started by making my own chart (because I like to get my creative side flowing) which you can do too, or you can use my one (above). You can start adding a note, a few words or a sentence every day (starting day 1 of your first day of menstruation) and then, charting every day until your next menstruation which you can then repeat on a new cycle sheet.

This chart is for you to make a comment on your mood, energy levels and,  sensations in your body. Keeping an eye on how you reacted to people, situations that day and, anything else you would like to note down that would help you navigate where you were at with your hormone levels.

For me, I also write down my energy levels so I can start to understand at which points of the month I have more or less energy, then I can adjust my work and social calendar accordingly. It even helps me choose which exercises to undertake as I find I have more energy after my period is finished, leading up to ovulation and a few middle days between ovulation and menstruation.

I am now starting to notice a pattern of days which I have less energy and that is normally down to a fluctuation in hormones (normally a drop) when my body is going through a different phase of my cycle. When these days come around I practice self-love, take it easy on my body and mind with a walk, yin yoga or some rest in bed with a book.

I think its important to know myself better so I can either use my most productive times to full advantage or not give myself such a hard time when I’m tired and need rest.

Rest is so important and we (this modern western society) have devalued it. I believe women need it more than we (and our culture) are giving ourselves. Just think how much our bodies do without us taking much notice. We develop and mature an egg, create a desirable space for it to grow and then release this potential for life every month (if it is not fertilised). How many animals or more specific mammals have the same monthly cycle of potential for life? How many mammals put this much effort into reproduction every month? Only a handful is the answer and its because it is costly on resources in regards to biology.

So let’s give ourselves a break and allow ourselves time to slow down when we feel we need to.

It’s time to start charting

Taking note of how you conduct your life and the sensations in your body will help you understand you! Plus you will be able to express to your nearest and dearest where your head is at and, what you are going through on a day to day basis. It provides a pathway for clearer communication.

Also, it helps you understand that all women are cyclic beings, we are all going through ebbs and flows of energy levels, hormonal ups and downs, experiencing emotions on all levels and that we all have our own unique pattern.

It can make life that little bit easier if we track where we are emotionally, physically and, spiritually each day.


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