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Citizenship Teacher

GCSE Citizenship Invaluable support

How Cre8tive Resources products are helping teachers to better educate their pupils.

I’m a non-specialist. An enthusiastic, committed, and semi-knowledgeable non-specialist, but still – a non-specialist. I joined our Citizenship Department in 2012, to ‘cover’ two lessons that couldn’t be timetabled otherwise, and from then on, I was gradually migrated across from my specialism, to Citizenship. Finally, my A Level in Government and Politics from 1999 was coming in useful!

I love teaching Citizenship now. I love challenging the pupils’ thinking and opening up their world to information which may have otherwise remained alien and inaccessible to them. But, every now and again, I have a wobble. Is my subject knowledge enough? Have I got that right? Which activity can I employ to ensure they really understand and can demonstrate their understanding of this concept?

That’s where Cre8tive Resources have been invaluable to me.

With the new 9-1 GCSE (Edexcel), I have found some gaps in my own knowledge, and misconceptions with the pupils. As a HOY, who also teaches English, Drama, and a Nurture class, I need a reliable source of information and stimulating activities, which teach the content well. I can rely on Cre8tive Resources.

Cre8tive Resources Edexcel Citizenship Assessment

I have used a number of their free and paid-for resources on everything from Theme A to Theme D. I have used their Theme E (campaign) pack to structure my teaching of this unit. I have set pieces for homework, for revision, and even used some of the booklets to create mini-assessments to check their understanding. I have found their resources to be created in manageable sizes, to be in enough detail to challenge the pupils, but presented in a very accessible way. My pupils have really enjoyed using them.

Once I was (almost) full-time in the department, I joined all of the groups on Facebook that I could relating to Citizenship teaching in the UK, and I am always grateful for the generosity of others in those groups; this includes Cre8tive Resources, who often have mini-giveaways, providing bespoke resources specific to a topic you identify (if you are quick enough to reply to their competition). I have benefitted from their hard work and motivation and I am always on the lookout for when they have their offers and sales on, as in an ideal world, I would download EVERYTHING from them!

In short, then, I would recommend using their resources. They are professionally presented, well-written and editable – it’s a win-win. Their resources have helped to reduce my workload and increased my pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Thank you, Cre8tive Resources!

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