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Founder of Onda Solidária

Onda Solidaria, Active Citizenship Around the Globe

By bringing students from different places together they can help each other to see further than their own communities and get inspired to do more, to become a positive, active citizen.

We believe in practical, stimulation and fun educational methods. One method which we believe in very much is learning through International Cultural Exchanges between children and young people. This could be through the exchange of letters, Skype meetings, visits, etc. We encourage our children and young people to connect with children and young people from other schools, communities, and countries, in this way we can learn with each other and discover a new world. Earlier this year we welcomed Cre8tive Resources teachers to our home in Brazil to deliver a bespoke set of citizenship lessons to our students in some of our projects. They particularly enjoyed learning about Brexit!

A member of Cre8tive Resources teaching citizenship in Brazil

One of the best ways to bound and to generate a “Wave of Solidarity” between our students is by doing active citizenship projects, showing them that by working together they can make a real difference in the World. After connecting different communities/schools/projects, the students from Brazil, the UK, and, other countries are very excited to learn more and do more things together.

By doing this we break many barriers; language, cultural and, social and show to students and teachers that by being active citizens we can really build a better world. At Onda Solidaria we have many examples where groups of students have fundraised, others did hands-on work, some promoted the project and in the end, we all achieved the same objective and made a positive impact.

By bringing students who study citizenship from different countries together they see further than their own community which inspires them to achieve great things in life, improve their knowledge, teamwork, self-esteem, basically gives them more reasons to do more and be a positive and active citizen. By doing good things you attract good things and can really make a difference in the world.  

Students in Brazil receive letters from UK KS3 Citizenship students

About Onda Solidaria

Onda Solidaria is an Anglo Brazilian organization, which has made a difference thanks to great people and through this positive wave, Onda Solidária has been transforming and generating opportunities for many children and young people from many communities in Brazil and around the globe.                                                                       

We develop social projects to children and young people between 6 and 18 years with the goal of generating opportunities and transformation through our projects.

Vila dos Sonhos

 An Eco-Social center for children and young people, we develop opportunities through educational activities, to provide a better future perspective to them. Eco because it is situated in a place with lots of green space and built from a philosophy of ecology and sustainability. Location: Santana do Deserto-MG (near Três Rios), 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro.

Students at Vila dos Sonhos meet Cre8tive Resources

Onda Esportiva                                                                                                    

Is a project that aims to take children and young people out of idleness, with sport as the main tool to promote the social transformation of the participants, giving them a better perspective of the future, in order to contribute positively to the improvement of the environment in which they live. Location: São Cristóvão neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro – RJ. 

We are very thankful to Cre8tive Resources for organising a huge charity football tournament back in the UK to raise further funds and this has helped us build our new sporting events arena.

You are very welcome to visit us here in Brazil and to be part of our dream.

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