9-1 Citizenship AQA GCSE Exam Assessment: Principles, Identity and Values in British Society.PDF

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Citizenship AQA GCSE Exam Assessment


9-1 Citizenship AQA GCSE Exam Assessment: Principles, Identity, and Values in British Society

As a free resource, this exam is given in a .PDF (non-editable) only format.
All our paid exam resources are fully editable.

Covers all topics under AQA Theme 1 – 1.1 1.2 – Life in Modern Britain – Principles, Identity, and Values in British Society

Exam Practice for the New GCSE Citizenship (9-1)
Exam Board AQA (can easily be adapted for OCR and Edexcel)

Each exam is out of 40 marks and consists of;
Section A: Knowledge and Understanding
Section B: Source Analysis and Application
Section C: Evaluation through Essay Practice

This resource contains:

  1. Exam Paper
  2. SEN Adapted Exam Paper (Essay Question)
  3. Source Sheet – with up to date relevant challenging sources
  4. Feedback Sheet – with marking scheme, example answers, and grade boundaries to be used by students or teacher
  5. Track missing marks to improve exam technique

This resource is matched against the tougher new requirements of GCSE Citizenship (9-1) and made by a team of GCSE Citizenship experts. It will save you hours of work for the price of a coffee.

Try combining this resource with our other New GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Assessments, Double Lesson PowerPoints, and Engaging Worksheets.


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