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CPD Certified addiction Workbook to explain addiction including Worksheets to help students have a better understanding.


Here at Outlet Ten Ltd we have created an Addiction Workbook to explain addiction including Worksheets to help students have a better understanding.

All Workbooks we provide are CPD accredited!


  • 1 x 42 Page What is addiction student worksheet set
  • 1 x 52 Page Understanding addiction workbook full learning resource.

When most of us think of addiction, the image we often conjure up is that of a ‘drug addict’ with an existence consumed by their addiction, so their life has become deeply troubled and often outside of mainstream society. This unhelpful stereotype does not, by any means, represent the full scope of addiction. When considering addiction’s definition of being unable to control the compulsion to do, use or consume something, and that ‘something’ can include many things such as: alcohol, work, risk-taking, smoking, food, video games, shopping, sex etc. it’s clear there’s much addiction that does not conform to this stereotype.

So what might cause addiction? It’s generally agreed addiction is linked to the physiological and psychological reward system which we evolved many years ago to keep us hunting for the things that we needed for survival. This system served us well in hunter-gatherer times, as we needed to search for food quite frequently in order to survive. But because food was rarely so plentiful, or tampered with as to be potentially harmful to health, this perpetual drive for food did not harm us.

This important resource explores many aspects of addiction to raise young people’s awareness of this potentially mentally, physically, socially and motivationally damaging issue. It includes information, discussion prompts and a variety of activities that can be used with secondary- aged children. It aims to increase awareness of addiction for young people so they embark on life with a greater understanding of what it is, how it impacts someone and what can be done to prevent or recover from this sometimes life-destroying disease. Because the activities are easy to access, they can be used by any adult working with children and young people, but they most readily lend themselves to PSHE lessons or tutor time in schools for Key Stage 3 students.

This book starts with a list of teachers’ notes outlining all of the activities, presented in the order of an effective learning journey. Any photocopiable resources needed to complete the activities are found in the next section of the book.

The PSHE programmes of study this book wholly, or partially, covers are also included at the end of this resource, for reference.


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