American Independence Day Fourth of July BUNDLE

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American Independence Day BUNDLE!


These resources will engage, educate and motivate your students they are fantastic for quick and easy planning!

American Independence Day Fourth of July QUIZ

Over 10 rounds and 60+ Questions.

This resource contains

1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /60+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!!

Contain 10 Rounds: Causes of the American Revolution, True or False, Link the Important Dates, Observation, De-Scrabble, Design Challenge and more…

** American Independence Day**

14 PAGE pack of classroom-ready activities will enthuse and engage students.

Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students to explore the American Independence Day through a variety of activities.

This Booklet Contains:

o Topical debates of issues surrounding American Independence Day
o Various thought-provoking challenges
o Campaign Activities
o 14 pages of ready-to-use student worksheets designed to be written on
o A wide range of activities, to suit all types of learners.
o Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!
o Discussion activities included in with every case study, challenging your most able students

Can be used for a whole lesson or two on American Independence Day.

They can also be used to encourage a flipped learning environment.


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