American States Jumbo Digital Bingo Set

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US states Digital and Print Bingo sheets. Bingo Call Sheet will have between 35 – 45 words and a set of unique Bingo cards that come in three sizes. Every Bingo card is different.


Geography Bingo Cards. These are great fun to use with students when exploring this topic.

This set comes with pictures and names of the US states.

1 x Bingo Call Sheet of US States and a set of unique Bingo cards that come in three sizes. Every Picture Bingo card is different.

30 x DIGITAL PDF BINGO SHEETS A4 – Students can fill them in online (No printing required)

Either send students their own Bingo sheet each or send the entire set and tell students which page/ bingo sheet they use. Eg Tom you are 1, Brett you are 2, Aisha you are 3

50 x A4 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 1 bingo card per page)
50 x A5 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 2 bingo cards per page)
50 x A6 Different Bingo Cards (Prints 4 bingo cards per page)

Print out two copies of the bingo call sheet and as many bingo cards as people playing (pick one of the three sizes)

How to play
Cut up the sayings on the bingo call sheet and mix them up in a bowl

Nominate someone to be bingo caller and they pick out one saying at a time from the bowl and call it out.

The bingo caller crosses it off on their call sheet and players cross it off on their bingo sheet

First person to get a line shouts “bingo”
First person to get a full sheet shouts “Bingo and out”
Every Bingo sheet comes with a ’Free Space’
Bingo caller must check they have completed it correctly


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