AQA – Theme 3: Political Power In the UK Jumbo Work Booklets Pack – CIT/C8B/A11

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AQA – Theme 3: Politics and Participation CIT/C8B/A11
3.4.1 Where does political power reside in the UK and how is it
Chapter 11: Political Power In the UK – AQA Citizenship Studies Text Book

Teaching & Revision Jumbo Pack of Work Booklets

Topics Covered in detail include:

  • The concept of Democracy and Different types
  • Institutions of the British constitution – The Civil Service
  • Institutions of the British constitution – House of Commons
  • Institutions of the British constitution – Bicameral Parliament
  • The relationships between the institutions – Separation of Powers
  • What is the British constitution and how did it develop over time?
  • Comparing constitutions (Codified or uncodified)
  • Checks and Balances (Parliament and Government)
  • Parliamentary Sovereignty
  • How to vote
    140+ Worksheets and then 10 Contents Pages. CIT/C8B/A11

AQA Citizenship GCSE
GCSE Citizenship (9-1)
140+ Pages of Teaching and Revision Activities contained within different work booklet. these activities are designed by a specialist team of Citizenship Teachers and provide enough challenge, variety and fun activities to enthuse and engage students and ensure they get the most from their AQA Citizenship GCSE

These resources are matched against the new curriculum specifications set by the AQA exam board.

N.B No need to but any textbook (Save money this way! ) we provide all the information needed in a student-friendly way (1-3% overlap in some Work Booklets)

The above topics can be taught and then revised through a range of stimulating exercises, encouraging discussion throughout. These resources will liven up lessons through structured engagement between students at differentiating abilities.

This Jumbo Bundle Contains:
o Contemporary case studies around this topic
o A clear focus on key terms and literacy-based activities
o Differentiated Exam Questions and Practice
o A wide range of activities, to suit all types of learners.
o Discussion activities included in with every case study, challenging your most able students
o Links to online digital and flipped learning activities (Check out our Quizlets, Kahoots and Youtube Channels for Students)

Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!

Cre8tive Resources is the No. 1 Provider to UK Schools of the Cre8tive Citizenship GCSE Curriculum.

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