Autumn Term Quiz Bundle

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Autumn Term Quiz Bundle

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Tutor Time – Autumn Term – Form Time 
Resources – 50-80 Hours worth of materials. Contains many highly recommended and 5 star reviewed resources!! This Autumn Term Whole School Tutor Time / PSHE / Citizenship Package contains engaging sessions to deliver to students. FUN\C8B\13

What is included?
1. 27 Different Resource Packages
2. 54+ Resource Files (Quizzes, Answer Sheets, Activity Packs)
3. 40 – 80 Hours worth of teaching materials (Easily 2+ Hours worth of material a week to choose from)

What is included in general?
A range of materials from the following: Special Days , Themed Topics , Literacy Activities , Numeracy Activities , Current Affairs , PSHE , Citizenship, Prevent, RSE, Enterprise activities and Quizzes all covered. Great for whole School SMSC and PDBW. Form time competitions – developing Enterprise and employability skills

N.B Each resource takes 3-4 Hours to put together. Specific Contents of Bundle: FUN\C8B\13

1.Target Planning and Team building Back to School Activity Pack
2.Back to School Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (Start of September)
3.Big PSHE & Student Answer Sheets
4.Contraception and SRE Quiz & Student Answer Sheets

1.Halloween Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (31st October)
2.Big History & British Values Quiz & Student Answer Sheets
3.Black History Month Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (October in the UK)
4.Autumn Quiz & Student Answer Sheets

1.Remembrance Day Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (11th November)
2.UK Parliament Week Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (Mid November).
3.Anti Bullying Week Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (11th – 15th November)
4.St Andrew’s Day Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (30th November )
5.St Andrew’s Day Activity Pack (30th November)
6.Freebie – Making Peace Doves

1.World Aids Day Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (1st December)
2. International Human Rights Day (10th December)
3.The News Quiz & Student Answer Sheets
4.Ultimate Christmas Quiz & Student Answer Sheets (25th December)
5.Tutor time Christmas Quiz & student Answer Sheets(Bonus Extra Resource)
6.Christmas Activity Pack
7.Making science themed Christmas decorations

EXTRA – 3 Popular Resources not included in the Monthly Bundles
1.National Parliament Week Y7 – Y11 Bundle of Resources
2. What is Identity? Lesson
3. What is Citizenship? and what does it mean to be a good citizen? lesson

Individual Quizzes are already being used by several hundreds of schools up and down the country. Made by an Experienced team of Citizenship, PSHE and History specialists!


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