Careers Card Games Bundle (20 Sets)

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Careers Card Game Package (20 Sets for whole school approach). Our unique twist on the classic game pits 50 different careers against each other in a battle of stats. The categories includes Brain Power, Social Good, Physical Effort, Expected Salary, Study & Training and Robot Risk (the risk of the job becoming automated).


This Careers Card Game Whole School Package includes 20 sets of our most popular ‘Panjango Trumps’ style card games.

  • 10 x pack of 50+ Future Job Exploration Card Game
  • 10 x pack of 50+ Job Exploration Card Game

Free Postage, Packaging & Shipping included within the price! Enough of each game to get several whole class of 30 students playing at the same time.  (4/5 to a pack x 20 packs = 100 Students able to play = 3 Classes) 

(10 Sets ) Panjango Trumps is our unique twist on the classic game pits 50 different careers against each other in a battle of stats with trump categories including Brain Power, Social Good and Robot Risk!

(10 Sets) Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs allows children to explore 50 weird and wonderful jobs of the future – everything from Rewilder to Robot Repairer, or Martian Botanist to Memory Surgeon!

Each pack contains:

  • 50 Trump Cards – including job descriptions, ratings across six categories and a Fun Fact relating to the career on each card
  • Rules Card – to explain the rules and game variations to players
  • Other Games & Exercises Cards – offering additional mini-games to play using the cards
  • Blank Trump Card – for players to photocopy and create their own trump cards

Board Game Data:

Players: 2-5    |     Play time: 10-40mins         |       Age: 6+.           |       Careers Covered 50+

Benefits for Young People

  • develops key skills such as teamworking, communication, problem solving, creativity and confidence
  • encourages risk taking and helps young people to discover their strengths and weaknesses
  • makes careers education more fun and engaging through an interactive exploration of the world of work
  • opens minds, broadens horizons and raises aspirations

Benefits for Teachers 

  • a powerful tool to enable any teacher to instantly deliver a high quality careers activity
  • reduces workload by offering exciting and high impact lesson plan solutions
  • helps evidence Ofsted outcomes including SMSC, achievement of pupils and quality of teaching

Contents of physical card game:

  • 50 Cards
  • Blank Create Your Own
  • Instructions + Rules
  • Definitions
  • Other Games & Exercises Cards x2

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