Careers linked to English / Maths / Science

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Careers linked to English / Maths / Science – Primary Careers lesson PowerPoint


Careers linked to English / Maths / Science – Primary Careers / PSHE . A fully-resourced editable PowerPoint lesson for Ks2 Students (1 hour +) which can be used by teachers to deliver a detailed workshop / session on the importance of this topic.

Learning Outcomes:
To understand jobs linked to English, To identify jobs Maths is important for, to understand the main Science industries

Key terms
Core Subjects, Scientific, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Accountant, Journalist, Literacy, Numeracy, Publishing

Homework Activity
“Go to the website click “start with me” then “start with a subject”. Choose one of the subjects from today’s lesson or a new subject and list 3 jobs which interest you linked to your chosen subject. You may wish to note down extra details on the jobs you find such as: salary, where you would be working and a typical day-to-day task”


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