Celebrating Difference Digital Work Booklet

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Celebrating Difference Digital Work Booklet. This resource contains an interactive digital overlay making it easily compatible for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Perfect resource for online or flipped learning or homework.


PSHE digital work booklet for Celebrating Difference
This PSHE work booklet contains an interactive digital overlay making it easily compatible for students using their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops as devices.

Each Digital PSHE Work Booklet Includes:
☞ Portrait digital work booklet (in PowerPoint and PDF Version so no need to have the hassle or worry of the formatting of a word document)
☞ Baseline confidence checker matched against student progress every lesson
☞ A set of between 12 – 16 Student Worksheet(s) to be used with Cre8tive careers lessons for this unit
☞ End of Unit assessment opportunity
☞ Mapped against Latest DfE Guidance, PSHE Association core themes and DfE Statutory Framework


Why are the benefits of digital work booklets?
✰ Student can write into the digital work booklet from their own devices
(no more printing and great for online learning, flipped learning or homework)
✰ These digital work booklets work on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
✰ Teachers can mark work digitally by clicking tick boxes and typing in marks awarded and adding comments and feedback
✰ Compatibility and versatility – save printing costs!
✰ Great for home learning, online learning, computer rooms and for school that allow devices.

✿ ✿ The Unit of lessons that follow this work booklet are available on this website
✿ ✿ Each digital work booklet is compatible with our free student mobile revision app – Now available on Apple and Google Play


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