Christmas Escape Room

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Christmas Escape Room. This is a print and play digital escape room. Every student loves to solve a mystery. This brand new escape room activity will not only improve students knowledge on exploring Christmas but will hone their problem solving skills, build up their teamwork and leadership skills and allow opportunities to show creativity and resilience.

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If you are looking for a Christmas team-building activity to keep your students engaged during the last few days (or week) leading up to Christmas, then this FUN ESCAPE ROOM is for you! There are seven Christmas inspired – 70% subject themed (trivia) and 30% Pure Christmas Fun challenges included in this file. Students will complete a variety of tasks using different skills including: problem-solving, critical thinking, reading comprehension, literacy challenges and some clever deduction to work out who has stolen the presents this Christmas.


The puzzles, bonus questions and challenges are a fun way to assess a topic or subject area. This resource covers a variety of different elements including: vocabulary, key terms. key themes, general subject knowledge, literacy and much more…


Escape Room is fully editable and are easy to set up – Just follow our step by step teacher instructions.


The Escape room lasts just under an hour depending on how quick students can solve each puzzle! If a team finishes early don’t worry we have built in another hidden challenge for them.


Students will start with Jack Frost and solve puzzles along the way through 7 different rooms (Jack Frost, Winterbolt, Snow Miser, Heat Miser , BurgerMeister, The Grinch & a final secret Location) As they solve each Christmas themed puzzle they will collect 1 Piece of the Snowman Puzzle and have to solve the Christmas Cypher.


**Christmas XX Escape Room Contents**

Interactive Tracker PowerPoint – Keeps the competitive nature on display

Escape Room Keys (Six Sets for up to Six Teams) Print two copies for up to 12 teams

Escape Room Puzzles (7 Rooms = 7 Different styles of Puzzles)

Teacher Answer Sheet – We do the hard work for you!

Teacher instructions to run the escape

Successful Escape Certificates for those that complete the entire challenge (There is a difficult bonus escape for any quick finishing teams 🙂

The **7 Rooms** each have subject specific Puzzles that have been adapted to suit the topic of this Escape Room and are suitable for a variety of students.


A fun, five-minute introductory video has been included, which will help to set the scene before the escape room is to begin! The video outlines the plot of each escape and provides alternate endings… To access this just subscribe to the Cre8tive Resources free YouTube Channel and search ‘Christmas Escape Room’


The Escape Puzzles & Challenges


Challenge Escape #1 Jack Frost – In order to successfully complete this challenge, students will have to unscramble a series of words that have been mixed up into alternating pairs of letters


Challenge Escape #2 Winterbolt – In order to successfully complete this challenge, students will have to match up the correct pairs of information to find the one piece that is an imposter and report this to the teacher


Challenge Escape #3 Snow Miser – In order to successfully complete this challenge, students will have to identify what is in each picture and then discover the clues to solving this cypher


Challenge Escape #4 Heat Miser – In order to successfully complete this challenge, students will have to cut up all the jigsaw pieces and re-assemble the Christmas Nativity Scene using the key terms provided and spot the extra piece that should not be there


Challenge Escape #5 Burgermeister He hates toys so much that he steals any toys the children are playing with and puts them away so he can burn them at a later date! He has collected so many toys recently that his storage is a mess.

Find the correct six pairs and the 2 left over key terms to reveal a clue.



Challenge Escape #6 THE GRINCH – The Grinch thinks Christmas is about presents and money help him to organise what he stole last Christmas by putting the correct key terms onto the correct position.  One will have either one more or one less key term than the rest and one item will not fit anywhere! (this is the odd one out!)


Challenge Escape #7 Congratulations you have discovered XX is the villain trying to ruin Christmas! But it’s not over yet, he has taken steps to make sure recovering the presents isn’t going to be easy. Navigate the maze collecting any symbols you find along the way then use the grid on the right to convert those symbols into letters to find the password to the present lock-up and Save Christmas!



Each Escape Puzzle will also include two Subject based bonus questions and revision facts –The tie breaker will be the team  with the most bonus questions right.


Common FAQ’s

Group sizes: 3-5 students per team (This can also be completed as an individual and/or pair activity)

Time: Approximately 50-60 minutes (Provide hints along the way if time is a factor!)

Materials: Aside from the materials that you would already have in your classroom (pencils, pens, 6 pairs of scissors), no additional resources are needed!


These escape room-style games were created as a print-and-go resource.

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