Citizenship Jumbo Lesson Pack 2

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Jumbo Pack of our citizenship lesson contains mostly GCSE with some KS2 and KS3 lessons thrown in.

This Pack Contains:

LS/11 Human Rights, Syria Refugees
LS/12 Multicultural Britain
LS/13 Nature vs Nurture Identity Socialisation
LS/14 UK migration and diversity
LS/15 Comparing voting systems and electoral reform
LS/16 Voting systems and Electoral Reform
LS/17 What is Citizenship?
LS/18 Evolution of Democracy
LS/19 Relationships, what is conflict SRE Love Island
LS/20 Negotiation and Transition Period

Each Lesson Contains Some or All of the Following

  • Fully editable PowerPoint Lesson 60-120 minutes
  • Print Friendly Handouts
  • Activity Sheets (optional Printing)
  • Set of 20 Entrance/Exit Tickets

Made by a team of Specialist Practicing Citizenship Teachers as part of one of the leading Citizenship Resources Providers in the UK – Cre8tive Resources.

Description of Product
Ready-to-Use bundle of 10 lessons will enthuse and engage students and doesn’t require reams of printing! These lesson materials are designed to be used for between one and two teaching periods and include; activities, challenging and thoughtful questions, student hand-out (for use during lesson or as a homework), embedded URL links (where appropriate), differentiated tasks and, all relevant information to help students learn about issues relating to the topic.
N.B These lessons can be taught with no printing (For those on tight budgets 🙂

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