Cold War History Bundle

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Large bundle of History Resources. This bundle contains 5 items with assorted activities.

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A bundle of lessons and activities containing eight hours worth of lessons all about the Cold War including an introduction to the Cold War, Atomic bomb, salami tactics, Berlin Blockade, Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. These are ideal for a Year 9 group, or as an introduction lessons for a GCSE group. This will save you many, many hours of planning.

  1. An introduction to the Cold War – and how it nearly turned ‘hot’ and directly into World War III between the US and the USSR.
  2. An in-depth investigation into Stalin and his leadership.
  3. A focus on the Vietnam war as a microcosm for the wider Cold War.
  4. A detailed examination of the failures of the US in Vietnam – the My Lai Massacre in particular – and how this affected public support for the US’ foreign policy (also suitable for GCSE).
  5. The Berlin Blockade – how did this almost cause the Cold War to turn hot?
  6. The Cuban Missile Crisis – what happened, why and whhat impact did this have?
  7. Salami Tactics – how Stalin’s actions in Eastern Europe heightened tensions
  8. Atomic Bomb – how dropping the bomb both ended World War Ii and caused the Cold War.

Every lesson is differentiated to at least three levels of challenge, has source analysis tasks, peer or mini-assessments, clip tasks with differentiated questioning, essay or literacy focus tasks for GCSE skills prep. This is inclusive of all the standards you’d expect – starters, plenaries, measurable LOs, well presented Powerpoints and easy to follow worksheets with instructions.

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