Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II

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a Lesson Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II


Shared by Mrs Hopes History a Lesson Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II Shared under creative Commons share a like licence.
” I have quickly put together this resource to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The intention of this resource is solely to share and discuss the Queens significant passing with tutor groups using this powerpoint and get students sharing their thoughts and feelings.
The powerpoint covers a brief overview of the Queens early life up until her ascension and then looks at some of her successes and achievements as monarch. I have also included a link to CBBC Newsround at the end of the powerpoint as they have currently a video covering the Queens reign and news of her passing.
The resource was created with secondary students in mind, however, that is not to say the content is not appropriate for younger audiences – the language may be a little tricky though.
I hope this is helpful” –

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