Day 21 – Day 30 Covid-19 Wellbeing Challenge

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Help and Support – 60 Day Wellbeing Challenge During Covid-19


DAY 21 to Day 30 of the 60 Day School Wellbeing Challenge (We may extend it to 100 days) during the Covid-19 and Coronavirus Pandemic and this is to encourage families with their wellbeing and mindfulness during this extended break from school.

“Life skills & Wellbeing Lessons are going beyond the classroom and into the community” Every day I will send out some suggestions of things to do to keep the mind and body well and to keep on a positive path”

“Alongside our ‘Daily suggestions sheet’ (Containing a Quiz, Activity, Quote, Fun stuff and more) we will run a 60 Day Wellbeing Challenge. Download yours today and feel free to Tweet @Cre8tiveR to show us your progress”

10 x  Individual Day Wellbeing Challenges (PDF Attached for Parents To download)

We recommend you also download our FREE Advice posters to support Teachers, Students and their families during this difficult time

  1. Looking after Personal Wellbeing Posters
  2. Dealing with Anxiety during Covid 19


We are offering to try and help as many schools and parents as we can during this turbulent time

☞ Day 21 to day 30 Challenge Sheets (Monday 23rd March – Wednesday 1st April)
☞ Best wishes from the Cre8tive Resources and Cre8tive Curriculum Team – Stay safe and look after the vulnerable around you.




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