EDEXCEL COMPLETE GCSE Citizenship Revision Guide – CIT/C8/RG/25

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EDEXCEL GCSE Citizenship 125 Page Revision Guide: Theme A-E

Product codes: CIT/C8/RG/25

Citizenship GCSE EDEXCEL
GCSE Citizenship (9-1)
125+ Page Revision guide designed and created by a specialist team of Citizenship Teachers. This guide will help enable your EDEXCEL GCSE Citizenship students to fulfil their full potential in the summer exams with an up to date revision guide created in April 2019. Suitable for Citizenship GCSE (9-1-2016 onwards course.)

These resources are matched against the new curriculum specifications set by the exam board.
Content included:
How have communities developed in the UK?
What is identity?
What are democratic values and where do they come from?
How does local democracy work?
Who runs the country?
How does Parliament work?
How is power shared between Westminster and the devolved administrations?
How does the Government manage public money?
What is the purpose of laws and how does it affect us?
How does the justice system work?
Is crime increasing in society?
What power and influence do citizens have?
What role and influence should the media have?
Does the UK have power and influence internationally?

N.B No need to buy a set of textbooks! We provide all the information students need – Save money this way!

This Revision guide Contains:
* o 1 page of advice about how to tackle the GCSE Citizenship Exams (Support for essay Questions)
* o Student Self Assessment Revision Checklists at the end of each topic for all elements of Theme A- E D EDEXCEL GCSE Citizenship
* o Huge Revision Guide Content – Everything students need to know for the exam.
* o 1 page of Revision ideas to support GCSE Citizenship

Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!

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