Euros 2021 Work Booklet

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A great resource for students exploring Euros 2021 Work Booklet. A specially designed Work Booklet for secondary students’. This Printable work booklet is a great way to have a super fun lesson whilst also exploring problem-solving, Communication and Teamwork Skills in this subject and designed by our Subject Specialist.


Learn about the Euros 2021.


What is included in this product?


  • o Learning Objectives
  • o Euros 2021 student information sheet
  • o Linked Key terms and GCSE Case Study
  • o topical debates surrounding the Euros 2021
  • o Questions about the Euros Championship 2021
  • o Knowledge test and flipped learning opportunities
  • Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!
  • Discussion activities included in with every case study, challenging your most able students


Answer Keys:

Is easily worked out by the teacher and any information needed is provided. Student input creates some of the answers.


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Description of Product

Ready-to-Print pack of classroom activities will enthuse and engage students.

Suitable for Middle and High School students to explore this topic. It can be used to revise the topic and teach the topic through a range of stimulating exercises, encouraging discussion and liven up lessons through structured engagement between students.


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