Exploring World Issues – Ks4 PSHE

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This premium Exploring World Issues Ks4 PSHE unit has been created for the new Cre8tive Curriculum PSHE offer.


Exploring World Issues Ks4 PSHE + Personal Development Unit. Fully Editable PPT lessons + Work Booklet allowing for differentiation if needed.

This premium Exploring World Issues unit has been created for the new Cre8tive Curriculum PSHE education offer. ( Elements matched to the PSHE Association, Citizenship NC, CDI framework and Gatsby Benchmark 4)

This unit Exploring World Issues could be taught as a serious of 1 Hour+ PSHE Lessons or during tutor time over a term as part of your schools personal development offer.

Contents = 1 PSHE Unit

7 Lesson Packs (See below for lesson titles)
7 Homework Activities & Suggestions
7 Mindfulness Extension Activities
1 x Student Work Booklet
1 x Student Self Assessment for the Unit
1 x Quiz – Teams
1 x Mapping Document (For Ofsted + HOD’s)
1 x PSHE Audit Document

PSHE Lesson Topics
Exploring World Issues – 01 – International Organisations
Exploring World Issues – 02 – Peace, War & Conflict
Exploring World Issues – 03 – Human Rights During War
Exploring World Issues – 04 – Aid & Supporting Other Countries
Exploring World Issues – 05 – Striking and Trade Unionism
Exploring World Issues – 06 – Women’s Rights and Equality
Exploring World Issues – 07 – Fair Trade and Free Trade

Exploring World Issues – Supporting Resources
Quiz – World Issues and Environment
Unit Assessment – Exploring World Issues
Workbook – Exploring World Issues

Key terms covered
Sanctions, Democracy, UN, NATO, EU, WTO, Commonwealth, International Humanitarian Law
Global Advocate, International Day of Peace, Syrian Civil War
Civil Unrest, Oppression, Corruption, Non-Violent Resistance, Civil Liberties, Prisoners of Conscience
NGO, Globalisation, Debt Relief, Free Trade, Fair Trade, MEDC, LEDC
Trade Unionism, Negotiating, Employee Rights, Industrial Action, Regulations
Equality, Suffrage, Suffragettes, Representation Act, Gender Pay Gap
Fair Trade, Free Trade, Ethical Production, World Trade Organisation


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