Exploring your Future Options – Secondary Careers Unit

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Exploring your Future Options – Secondary Careers Unit


Exploring your Future Options – Secondary Careers Unit you can pick up and teach

7 Lesson Packs (See below for Contents)
7 x Homework Ideas
7 x End of Lesson Confidence Checker Assessments

Lesson Topics

  1. Choosing a degree Subject
  2. Understanding Different Job Markets (Leaving School, Graduate)
  3. Skills for the Future
  4. Why are Uni Open Days Important?
  5. National Apprenticeship Week lesson
  6. University Clearing +Setback (Plan B’s)
  7. How to find a Job +Find Employment

Each Lesson PowerPoint Contains:
• 1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning)
• Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker)
• Teacher Notes (On some slides)
• Mapped against Latest DfE Guidance, PSHE Association Core themes and Requirements and the Gatsby Benchmarks in Careers Education

Learning Outcomes:
To understand how to research degree subject options, to consider which degree subjects could be right for me, to understand what resources are available to help me explore further
“To understand what a job market is To consider what the job market may be like when entering employment To be able to explain what tools can help me to navigate the job market”
“To understand what skills employers look for To be able to explain the difference between hard and soft skills To consider how skills will evolve in line with the workplace”
To understand what happens at a Uni open day, To consider why this is important, To understand how to best prepare for uni open days
“To understand why we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week To be able to explain the theme for the 2024 National Apprenticeship Week To consider the benefits of NAW for various stakeholders”
To be able to explain what university clearing is, to understand that clearing is an opporutnity and not a last case resort, to consider what my plan B is
“To understand what labour market information is and how we can use it. To consider why it is important to be employed based on our future plans. To be able to explain the steps of the recruitment process.”

Key words
Degree, Bachelors, Masters, UCAS, Entry requirements, admissions
Employment rate, job market, labour force, LMI
Employability, hard skills, soft skills, technical skills
Open Days, Campus Tours, Student ambassadors
Apprenticeship, Training Provider, NAW2024
Clearing, Clearing Plus, equal consideration
Vacancy, CV, Cover Letter, Selection, Recruitment


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