Finance of having a baby

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Finance of having a baby. A fully-resourced Employability and Careers lesson (1 hour+). Suitable for Careers / PD / Citizenship or  PSHE.


Finance of having a baby. A fully-resourced lesson (1 hour +) which can be used by teachers to deliver a detailed lesson on Finance of having a baby

Learning Outcomes:
I understand the main costs of having a baby
I understand financial support I may be entitled to as a parent
I know where I can go for financial support and advice

Key terms
Statutory Maternity Pay, Maternity Allowance, Paternity, Entitlement

Each Lesson Pack Contains:
1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning)
Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker)

The lesson includes a detailed PowerPoint, variety of student facing tasks and comprehension tasks with questions and answers. These resources have been designed to be engaging, informative and pick up and teach.

These lessons are from our Lesson Alpha Range  C8L23/L/PA , An excellent range of new lessons produced to support employability skills and personal development of students across secondary schools in the UK and beyond.

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