GCSE Citizenship (9-1) AQA Theme 3 Jumbo Activity Pack – AQA/C8B/A32

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This Activity Pack covers all topics in Theme 3: Politics and Participation, of the AQA exam board. 100+ classroom-ready activity pages that will enthuse and engage students and ensure they get the most from their Citizenship GCSE studies. This pack has been created by a dedicated team of Citizenship experts and is matched against the new curriculum specifications set by the exam board. Stimulating exercises encourage discussion and liven up lessons.   This Pack Contains:
  • Revision material for each topic within Theme 3
  • At least two assessments (with two adapted SEN assessments)
  • Mock exam answers and feedback sheets for every assessment question
  • Debate activities and plenty of practice GCSE exam questions
  • Discussion points and extension activities
  • Lots of relevant GCSE case studies (including and as recent as July 2018)
  • Personalised Learning Checklist for all topics and chapters included
  • Active campaigning ideas for different topics / Class debate opportunities
  • A wide range of activities to suit all types of learners
  • Ready-to-use and write-on student worksheets with minimal preparation required
  How to use this pack:
  • As a basis for whole lessons, or as a recap on key issues
  • Part of a flipped learning approach to GCSE Citizenship
  • Targeted intervention for different groups of students
  • A basis for targeted revision or extra support for SEN and G&T students
  Fully matched to cover all specification content for GCSE AQA Citizenship.   This Activity Pack will save you hours and hours’ worth of time so you can focus more of your time on teaching, marking and intervention rather than planning and preparation. Download some of our free Mini resource packs to check out the quality of what we provide.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed.
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