GCSE Citizenship (9-1) OCR – PLC Tracker + Active Citizenship Bundle

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GCSE Citizenship (9-1) OCR – PLC Tracker + Active Citizenship Bundle


GCSE Citizenship (9-1) OCR – PLC Tracker + Active Citizenship Bundle

OCR Personalised Learning Checklist

This 14 page document covers 100+ topics, can be used by students to help structure their revision for the new OCR GCSE CITIZENSHIP.

Designed to help support potentially struggling students by providing a renewed focus on 100% exam revision for OCR GCSE CITIZENSHIP 9-1

This document is the most important part of your revision and prep.

How can it be used?

Here are just a few suggestions to get the most of this revision aid;

  • Colour code how much you know already for each topic
  • As you complete revision and grow in confidence on each topic colour more boxes and tick if you have completed the revision.
    -Use your textbook and exercise book to help focus your revision.
    -Peer and self-assessment
    -Revision material before exams
    -Extension/ review activity in a lesson

11 page Student Campaign Booklet Active Citizenship:
A guide for students to work through

Plus a free 9 page Active Citizenship Advice Booklet!

This will help students: Research, Plan, Organise and undertake a full Citizenship Campaign.

This is a Student Booklet, showing teachers and the students EXACTLY what the exam boards are looking for from the 15% Active Citizenship element (now examined in the final test at the end of the course.)

This resource can be easily applied to all 3 Exam Boards.

This campaign booklet contains an overall plan of what the students could do
each lesson, with questions to encourage them to think critically about their campaigns. It also highlights key information the exam boards are looking for the students to undertake and understand.

This resource will also help students create or join an existing campaign that will produce a positive outcome for a group of people in the community or wider society.

Includes a template for students to write up and evaluate their campaign (exam practice.)

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