GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Revision Cards – Human Rights Responsibilities Revision Topic Cards

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GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Revision Topic Cards x20 Revision topic cards with x60 Questions
Section 1: Human Rights and Responsibilities (List of revision topics included in preview)

This resource includes:
x20 Revision topic cards with Included pictures
x20 Revision topic cards with a drawing activity instead of pictures
x60 Questions to aid revision

Each keyword topic revision card includes.
Key Term, Definition, Synonym, Example of the word in a sentence, Picture or Icon and three GCSE 9-1 Exam Technique content Qs’ x60 Questions in total.

Two version included; with and without pictures. (Allowing students to draw their own image to represent the revision content topic term)

This resource is also useful for PP/ EAL / SEN students and those with literacy needs.
They will also help your most able students with exam technique and remembering ‘wow’ words to boost their responses in extended essay questions.

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