GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Revision Cards – Types of Judges – Judicial Hierarchy and Powers

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GCSE Law or GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Revision Cards 
Types of Judges – Judicial Hierarchy and Powers

This resource includes:
x8 keyword topic revision cards

Each keyword topic revision card includes.
Key Term, Definition, Synonym, Example of the word in a sentence, Space for notes or a drawing activity,
and several Exam Technique Qs’

These are designed to help your students learn the new vocabulary required for GCSE LAW or the new GCSE CITIZENSHIP 9-1

This resource is also useful for PP / EAL / SEN students and those with literacy needs.
They will also help your most able students with exam technique and remembering ‘wow’ words to boost their responses in extended essay questions.

How can they be used?
Here are just a few examples of how our exam classes use them.
– Students complete the Q’s and draw in the pictures.
-Hide them around the room and have students find them before introducing a new topic (Find links between different topic cards)
– Matching up activity. Cut the topic cards in half and have students find the matching pairs.
-Encourage students to come up with their own extra key term topic cards or extra sentence they can use to include several key terms.
-Literacy support when writing essays.
-Revision material before exams.
– Have a set laminated and cut out at the back of the classroom in a box for extension activities.

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