Government Departments Roles and Responsibilities

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A detailed lesson about the role and responsibilities of different government departments and how money is allocated to each this lesson make comparisons to how schools allocate different budget to different departments and why that is. PowerPoint Lesson for Citizenship Studies. (60-120 Minutes worth of Material) suitable for KS3 or KS4 students.

Learning Outcomes:
Secure: -To study the way in which the Government is organised and structured
Extended: -To understand the role of different government departments
Advanced: To explore the variety of public bodies, agencies, and corporations that work alongside Government Departments

Made by a team of Specialist Practicing Humanities Teachers as part of one of the leading PSHE & Citizenship Resource Providers in the UK – Cre8tive Resources .

What is included in this product?

  • Fully editable 19 slide PowerPoint Lesson 60-120 minutes
  • Student 20 Exit Tickets
  • Student Campaign sheet
  • Student activity Sheets
  • Political Government Minister Profile sheet

Answer Keys:
Student input creates some of the answers. Product Code CIT/C8/LS/86

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