‘Guess My Job’ Series 2 – Video Activity Package

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‘Guess My Job’ – Series 2 Video Activity Package – a creative and engaging way to work towards achieving Gatsby Benchmark 2! 

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MYPATH ‘Guess My Job’ Series 2 – Video Activity Package. This package will enable secondary school careers departments to bring interactive and engaging careers activities linked to business volunteers from a wide range of industries into the classroom through the medium of ‘Guess my job’ videos for students to engage with whilst helping schools work towards Gatsby Benchmark 2!

Grab your pack of TWENTY, seven minute ‘Guess My Job’ videos. These have been filmed and designed with the purpose of them being versatile in how a careers leader might want to use them. You may decide to use them as standalone sessions or you could embed them in to your weekly tutor time period, create a lessons or build them into other drop down days and events.

The  ‘Guess My Job’ Video activity package is a creative and engaging way to work towards achieving Gatsby Benchmark 2! 

A worksheet will also be provided to allow students to add their guesses, as they go through the ‘Guess My Job’ videos.

Careers Leader Feedback – Judgemeadow Community College‘ – Video Package Summary

“Great value for money, plenty of variety and really user friendly – short, snappy and meaningful. Our students are really enjoying the resource and always look forward to the next one! I often have to quiet them down as they are so enthusiastic about shouting their answers out!!”

Guess My Job‘ Series 2 – Video Package Summary

Each video will feature a different business volunteers being interviewed about their job with only their job being revealed right at the very end. This keeps students guessing and also helps to challenge workplace stereotypes that some industries/jobs/careers might have. Be prepare for some surprises along the way!

The 24 videos available will focus on:

  1. – Chartered Building Surveyor
    – Private Chef
    – Researcher
    – Car Designer
    – Optometrist
    – Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctor
    – Software Consultant
    – Vicar
    – Freelance Hair & Makeup Artist

–  Purchase to find out the rest…….

This resource has been designed to make using it multipurpose, giving you the opportunity to make this work for your school or college. We have provided a PowerPoint file that links directly to the videos using unlisted YouTube links.

We would recommend that you play the intro video to students before using any of the other videos. Typically, this will only need to be played to each group of students, so they understand exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

Print the student answer sheet and get students to fill in their answer after each question of each video. Alternatively, you can use the bingo sheet and get students to cancel out careers based on the volunteer’s answers.

Don’t have time to print the sheets? NO PROBLEM – Get your students to make their guesses on any paper they have in front of them or write their answers on and hold up a whiteboard.

This package is a one-time purchase. This means, once purchased you can use the ‘Guess My Job‘ video activity in school for as long as you see fit. As a bonus you will also get instant access to the 1 Hour Communication Workshop as a reward for Pre-ordering this package.

Licence to use this resource as many times as you like year after year! (Same establishment/school only)


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How do I receive my resources?

  • Once you have paid you will be sent all the resources
  • Finance – At checkout in the notes section please leave the TEACHER EMAIL ADDRESS for delivery


Why should I buy this resource?

  1. Use the resource, time and time again – As you are purchasing the resource, you can use this moving forward as many times as you want!
  2. Save time planning – Everything is ready to go
  3. Support the MYPATH careers channel – Many schools, colleges and training providers are accessing the MYPATH YouTube channel weekly, this includes free videos such as Job Of The Week, The Why Bother? BM4 resource and more. By purchasing this resource, you are contributing to this resource!
  4. Engage Students – Lots of students are engaged by video content
  5. Evaluate your activity – included in this resource is a handy evaluations sheet that can be printed and given to students.
  6. We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We re-invest our profits in supporting SEMH, PRU’s, NQT’s and continually expanding our product range.
  7. The CEO of Cre8tive Resources is a leading PSHE, Careers and Citizenship Teacherpreneur with over 10 years’ of experience in the classroom, and a proven track record outside the classroom

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