Guy Fawkes & Firework Safety SMSC Pack

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Guy Fawkes & Firework Safety Primary SMSC, PSHE and Special Days Pack. This pack contains differentiated tasks for every year group from EYFS to Upper KS2.


Celebrate Guy Fawkes & Firework Safety with this bundle of activities differentiated for each key stage including early years (EYFS).

This pack contains differentiated tasks ranging from EYFS to Upper KS2.

Contents of SMSC / PSHE Guy Fawkes & Firework Safety Pack:

☞ Introduction Powerpoint set of slides about Guy Fawkes & Firework Safety
☞ Upper KS2 Activity linked to topic
☞ Lower KS2 Activity linked to topic
☞ KS1 Activity linked to topic
☞ EYFS Enhancements to continuous provision

Bonus Detailed Activity
☞ Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes 1 Hour Quiz

(This document will provided you with possible enhancements that can be used within your classroom provision. Some may be more teacher led while others can be used completely independently by the children. Each enhancement links to the monthly events and may be used in collaboration with the PowerPoints for these. Alternatively, the PowerPoints may provide a basis for a more informal circle time and discussion with your class. )


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