Health and Safety at Home – Help & Advice

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Help and Support – Health and safety at Home


Fantastic Idea shared and adapted. Lesson to deliver to Ks2 and Ks3 students.

Lesson overview:

The home is the most common place for young children to be injured. Before they begin school, children often spend the greater part of their day at home and they are curious, adventurous and do not have a full understanding of the consequences of their actions.

Most injuries are predictable and preventable. It’s important to make the home environment as safe as possible to minimise the likelihood, frequency and severity of injuries.

These three work booklets can be set as a mini unit of learning on the following history topics with a variety of tasks to complete, test questions and source work

We hope this resource is useful for an assembly, lesson or even sent as part of ‘learning from home resources to be sent home to support students whilst they are away from school’



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