Healthy Living Spanish Task Cards

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Spanish Healthy Living Task cards are perfect for your secondary lesson plans and topic revision. They are suitable for Secondary KS3 or KS4 students. They feature different activities including knowledge retrieval practice, multiple choice and spot the mistakes amongst other Spanish MFL related activities.


These 24 Healthy Living  MFL Spanish task cards are perfect for your Spanish lesson plans and topic. They are suitable for secondary Spanish students. They feature different activities including knowledge retrieval practice, Multiple Choice and Spot the historical mistakes amongst other history related activities.

Contents of Spanish MFL Knowledge Retrieval Topic Task Card bundle
1 x Set of 24 Different topic Task Cards with a range of activities and styles in editable and PDF versions
1 x Teacher Answer Sheet – All answers covered
2 x Student Fill in Activity Sheets that can be used with the cards (Optional)

Each Topic Task card is matched to the theme of the set and includes numbering and answers designed by our Spanish MFL Specialist . Can be printed in colour or black and white.

How to use Knowledge Retrieval Topic Task Cards?
These cards are perfect as an extension task, starter or plenary and as a means of testing knowledge upon completion of a unit. For a short task (extension/starter/plenary), you can simply give them one or two cards and differentiate which cards are given according to the students level or their areas needing improvement. For an end of unit, you could hand the cards out to different groups and have them switch the cards after a certain period of time (e.g. one group gets multiple choice, one group gets spot the mistakes, one group gets photocards, etc.).

Benefits of using this new style of Spanish T&L activity

  • Set of retrieval activities
  • Motivating for students
  • Bitesize tasks
  • Fun way to revise a topic
  • Allow for differentiation
  • Copy, cut and laminate – use over and over again
  • Versatile and can be used in many different ways

Healthy Living

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