Identity Project- RSE/C8/PJ/03

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The Big Identity Project – Inquiry Question: What makes you unique? Part of the Brand New PSHE 2020 Cre8tive Curriculum – Celebrating Diversity and Equality Core Theme

This is a 6-7 Week Project Bundle. Resources, handouts, Lesson material, Assessment criteria, support material, feedback and progress sheets, PBL support, certificates and much more…

This project bundle is designed primarily to be used as a 6 Week Homework Project which has regular check-in points with the teacher and then presented and assessed at school against a PSHE 2020 Assessment Project skills criteria. It can, however, be adapted by the teacher easily to be used as a drop-down (off-timetable) PSHE Day or to be taught over 6 PSHE / Citizenship lessons to a class.

Contents of Identity Project Bundle

  • Identity Project walkthrough PowerPoint for Teachers and Students (Including Extra Teacher notes & assessment Criteria)
  • Specific student help resources & student templates for the Identity project
  • Project success student feedback sheets (Matched against a detailed tiered five-level project success criteria (Diamond/ Ruby/ Emerald/Sapphire/Amber)
  • Peer assessment voting tokens (3 types)
  • Teacher project tracker sheets
  • Student project planning Brief + project development flowchart
  • Project-based learning reflection Slides
  • CPD – Teacher Top Tips for project-based Learning
  • Project certificate templates (Themed to the project and in two different sizes)
  • Graduation assessment rewards (Themed to the project and in five styles to match students levels (Diamond/ Ruby/ Emerald/Sapphire/Amber)

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