Keeping yourself and Other Safe during Pandemic

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Help and Support – Health and safety at Home


Fantastic Idea shared and adapted. Lesson to deliver to Ks2 and Ks3 students.

Lesson overview:

At the moment, schools in the UK are closing for the majority of students  and the Government are planning on keeping it this way for a while with the exception of Key workers children and those on Educational Healthcare Plans*a few others too.

However, we want you to be prepared as schools close because we want you to be safe.

Today, we are going to think about –  safety in the community and what to do in an emergency.

Please don’t worry or panic.  This is just a precaution

We hope this resource is useful for an assembly, lesson or even sent as part of ‘learning from home resources to be sent home to support students whilst they are away from school’



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