KS5 PSHE Dental Oral Hygiene + Tooth Decay

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Dental Hygiene, Tooth Decay and a Poor Diet PSHE 2020 Lesson. Editable 19 slide PowerPoint, Lesson Assessment, Student Resources, Signposting to extra support services. Bonus Mindfulness Activity and much more.


Learning Outcomes:
To describe the importance of dental Hygiene and the impact sugar can have on tooth decay
To understand how to manage cholesterol levels in the body
To explain how a poor diet can lead to many health risks

Some Key Terms Covered
Monounsaturated Fats & Polyunsaturated Fats, Cholesterol, Oral, Hygiene, Diet, Sugar

PSHE (Assessment) Objectives
I know how to look after my teeth
I can explain the importance of oral hygiene
I know the associated risks of a poor diet on my own physical and mental health


Each Lesson Pack Contains:
☞ 1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning)
☞ Mindfulness Extension Activities
☞ Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker)
☞ Teacher Notes (On some slides)
☞ Mapped against Latest 2020 Health and RSE DfE Guidance, PSHE Association & Character Education Guidance from DfE.

⟴ Be Ofsted and DfE PSHE 2020 ready with our resources! Product Code: RSE/C8/LS/222

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