KS5 PSHE Medical Ethics + Blood Donation

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KS5 PSHE Sixth Form Provision. Exploring medical ethics + Blood Donation – PSHE 2020 Lesson (1-2 Hours) . Editable 22 slide PowerPoint Lesson, Lesson Assessment, Student Resources, Signposting to extra support services. Bonus Mindfulness Activity and much more.

Learning objectives
To be aware of stem cell research and other forms of donation, including stem cell donation
To understand the positives and negatives of stem cell research and gene technology
To evaluate the medical ethics of gene technology and stem cell research

Some Key Terms Covered
Gene technology, Blood, Genetic engineering, stem cell , nerve cell, ethics, Parkinson’s disease

PSHE (Assessment) Objectives
I can explain the term medical ethics means and what a stem cell is
I can explain the medical uses for stem cells in treating illnesses
I can explain the medical ethics around stem cells and gene technology


Each Lesson Pack Contains:
☞ 1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning)
☞ This lesson also includes scaffolded optional worksheets
☞ KS5 PSHE Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker)
☞ Teacher Notes (On some slides)

☞ Mapped against Latest 2020 Statutory Health and RSE DfE Guidance, PSHE Association & Character Education Guidance from DfE.
⟴ PSHE Association Themes:
⟴ Statutory Health
⟴ CDI Framework and Character Education
⟴ SMSC or British Values Opportunities

⟴ Be Ofsted and DfE PSHE 2020 ready with our resources! Product Code: RSE/C8/SF09

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