Legal System England and Wales – Revision Guide

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Legal System England and Wales – Revision Guide


GCSE Citizenship 9-1 – 14 Page Revision Guide: The Legal System in England and Wales. Product code: CIT/C8/RG/07

Citizenship GCSE
GCSE Citizenship (9-1)
14 Page Revision guide designed and created by a specialist team of GCSE Citizenship Teachers. This guide will help enable your GCSE Citizenship students to fulfil their full potential in the summer exams with an up to date revision guide created in April 2019. Suitable for AQA / OCR or EDEXCEL Citizenship GCSE (9-1-2016 onwards course.)

These resources are matched against the new curriculum specifications set by the exam board.

Each of the following topics are covered in their own detailed page of revision notes set out in a student-friendly context:
* Courts in England And Wales
* Youth courts Vs Adult Courts
* Civil Law and Civil courts
* Magistrates – Lay people in the Justice System
* Juries – Lay people in the Justice System
* Criminal Courts in England and Wales
* The Judiciary (Makeup and reflection on society)
* Young Offenders
* Sentencing Powers and Precedence of The Courts
* Prison as an effective form of Punishment?!
* Role of Police and Crime Commissioners

This Revision guide Contains:
* o 1 page of advice about how to tackle the GCSE Citizenship Exams (Support for essay Questions)
* o Huge 11-page Revision Guide Content – Everything students need to know for the exam for this Topic.
* o 1 page of revision ideas to support GCSE Citizenship

Minimal preparation required – Just print and go!

Fully matched to cover all specification content for GCSE Citizenship.

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