Lesson – European Union Institutions EU

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2x Lessons – What are the different institutions of the European Union? Arguments for and against membership. Why was the EU set up and what purpose does it play
NEW GCSE Citizenship (9-1)

This resource contains:
1 x PowerPoint for double lesson 120 min over 30+ slides- What is the European Union? What are the different institutions of the European Union?
2 x Differentiated exam practice assessments on the separation of powers in a constitution
lots of Student printouts and handouts within PPT
These PowerPoint resources can be used to cover the GCSE Citizenship topic International Organisations and the UK’s Role. CIT/C8/LS/21

This lesson material is designed to be used for between two and three teaching periods and includes; activities, challenging and thoughtful questions, student hand-out (for use during lesson or as a homework), embedded URL links (where appropriate), differentiated tasks and, all relevant information to help students learn about issues relating to the topic.

AQA Specification covered is: Theme 1 Life in modern Britain
EDEXCEL Specification covered is: Theme D: Power and Influence
OCR Specification covered is: Section 3 The UK and the Wider World

Lesson Objectives:
Secure: To understand the purpose of the European Union and why it was set up
Extended: To understand the different roles performed by each of the three main EU institutions
Advanced: To evaluate the effectiveness of the European Union

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