Syria and the European Migrant Crisis

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2x Lessons – Syria and the European Migrant Crisis
NEW GCSE Citizenship (9-1)

This resource contains:
1 x PowerPoint for double lesson 120 min – Syria and the European Migrant Crisis
1 x PDF hand-out team sheet
8 X Team role debate cards
2 x Differentiated exam practice assessments on human rights abuses

These PowerPoint and PDF resources can be used to cover the GCSE Citizenship topic The Situation in Syria and the European Migrant Crisis. CIT/C8/LS/11

This lesson is based around a UN-style debate for a GCSE class.

This lesson material is designed to be used for between two and three teaching periods and includes; activities, challenging and thoughtful questions, student hand-out (for use during lesson or as a homework), embedded URL links (where appropriate), differentiated tasks and, all relevant information to help students learn about issues relating to the topic.

AQA Specification covered is: Theme 1 Life in Modern Britain
Edexcel Specification covered is: Theme A Living Together in the UK
OCR Specification covered is: Section 3 The UK and the Wider World

Lesson Objectives:
Secure: To identify who has influence and power in Syria
Extended: To be able to explain why the situation in Syria is causing a refugee crisis in Europe
Advanced: To evaluate how Europe and the UK should deal with the refugee crisis

Level: NEW GCSE Citizenship (9-1) OCR / EDEXCEL / AQA


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