Life after Death Knowledge Organiser

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Life after Death Religious education knowledge organiser for teacher students and parents.


Life after Death page Knowledge Organiser designed by our specialist Head of Religion.

“In this unit you are trying to find an answer to the question that people have asked since the beginning of time, ‘what happens when we die?’ This is a sensitive subject, but a matter of life that we have always wanted to understand. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in an afterlife or not, as we will be learning about the different religious beliefs as well as those held by Humanists and Atheists. We will look at how we have dealt with death through history and how different religions commemorate their dead with different funeral rites. This will allow for a greater understanding of the importance and symbolism found in a funeral ceremony.”

What do we include in our Knowledge Organisers?
☞ Available as an editable PowerPoint – Can amend to fit your students
☞ Context
☞ Explanations of events (looking at aims, events and consequences)
☞ Lots more organised in a way that will help students revise for their studies

Tips for students using this
You should use this KO to help you revise and learn the key knowledge. You can do this by:
Quizzing yourself
Quizzing others, having friends or family quizzing you
Creating revision note cards to test yourself
Learning definitions of key words off by heart
Catching up if you miss a lesson or for help in a lesson if needed
You should also use this to complete your homework.

Headline Topics Covered
☞ Key Concepts
☞ Key People (Socrates, Epicurus, Zhuangzi and David Hume
☞ Moral Arguments
☞ Hindu Beliefs
☞ Muslim Beliefs
☞ Christian Beliefs
☞ Jewish Beliefs
☞ Sikh Beliefs
☞ Jewish Beliefs
☞ Funeral Rites of different religions

What do we include in our Knowledge Organisers?
☞ Available as an editable PowerPoint – Can amend to fit your students

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