Look for in a partner Card Sort PSHE

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PSHE 2020 Card Sorting Activity to learn about what do you look for in a Partner


PSHE 2020 Card Sorting Activity to learn about what do you look for in a Partner

Contents of this resource include:

  • Editable Version of the 41 piece Card Sort
    (Top tip: Print On Card and Laminate – Print each set on a different colour to avoid students mixing up sets and store in small plastic bags or envelopes)
  • Powerpoint to Prompt Student Activities

This can be done in small groups or done as a whole Class Activity –
Class Activity: Print 1 Copy of the Card sort (12 Pages)
Sit students in a circle, hand out all the cards

  • lay out the continuum line cards in the midand allow students to place their card on it one at a time and state a reason.

Match up and sort the contraception pictures, names and descriptions.

“Card sorting provides a clear structure that encourages activity and discussion in PSHE. It allows students to try out concepts to see if they fit for them, to hear arguments for and against from their peers, and to come to a conclusion about what they essentially feel about something”


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