Maths Non-Calculator Practice Paper – Functional Maths

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Maths Non-Calculator Practice Paper – Functional Skills in Mathematics – Resources and support for students and adult learners who are developing maths skills needed for work and  every day life. Level 2 is GCSE Maths Equivalent


This document contains plenty of practice for the for the non-calculator section of the final exam. With over 50 pages this will keep students busy for weeks.

This Functional Math Resource was not created by Cre8tive Resources but created in partnership with ‘Let’s Get Functional Skills Maths”  – An incredibly experienced functional skills and GCSE maths teacher!

Math Content and Math topic(s) covered in this resource include but not limited to:

Read, write, order and compare large numbers up to one million
Approximate whole numbers by rounding, including to the nearest 10,100,1000
Approximate decimals by rounding to a whole number or one or two decimal places
Add and subtract using three digit whole numbers
Add and subtract negative numbers
Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10,100,1000
Multiply 2-digit whole numbers by single and 2 digit whole numbers
Calculate square numbers
Divide 3-digit whole numbers by single and double digit whole numbers
Use Bodmas to solve problems
Add subtract multiply and divide decimals up to 2 decimal places
Simplify fractions to find equivalent forms
Find parts of whole number quantities or measurements, e.g. 2/3 or 3/4
Convert mixed fractions
Recognise and calculate equivalences between common fractions, percentages and decimals
Add and subtract fractions
Calculate percentages of amounts and simple percentage increase and decrease
Calculate direct proportion
Calculate mean and range
Express the likelihood of an event using fractions, and on a scale of 0 to 1
Calculate area and perimeter and volume
Recognise and make use of simple scales on maps and drawings
Calculate angles
Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, in the same system
Perform calculations with time
Plans and elevation

What files do you receive?

☞ Student PDF Non-Calculator Skills Exam paper

What are Functional Skills in Mathematics?

Functional Skills Maths is a series of maths courses and qualifications that offer an alternative to GCSE Maths and there are 5 levels with Level 2 being GCSE Equivalent . Functional Maths skills help you to develop maths skills needed for work and day-to-day life.

Benefits of using Functional Maths Skills Resources:
☞ Save plenty of time by having a bank of resources you can pull out for students or adult learners to use
☞ Feel free to adapt, amend and alter to suit your learners
☞ Made by an expert in the field
☞ Students or adult learners can engage with functional maths
☞ Answers and working out for some of the tasks / Questions – Check Description
☞ Detailed Practice Questions and scenarios for student or adult learners to try

  • Apply for a job that requires GCSE Maths pass grade
  • Access higher education
  • Enrol on an apprenticeship
  • To start careers in nursing and teaching
  • To go to University
  • Improve your skills and confidence with day-to-day maths tasks
  • Help your children with their maths homework


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