Mega Careers Workplace Wordsearch

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Careers Journey Reflection. A fun and interactive lesson. The resources are all downloadable and editable in Powerpoint format so you can tailor the content


A fun and interactive lesson where students look back on their career learning journey and reflect on what they have learned.

Our Mega Workplace Wordsearch is a great way to introduce students to the wide variety of workplaces that exist in the world of work.

The wordsearch lists 50 different workplaces for students to find.

The activity stimulates thought and discussion about the world or work and future life choices, and opens up the opportunity to discuss jobs that might be found in certain workplaces.

The activity also aims to broaden students horizens by showing the vast range of workplaces that are available.

This activity is predominantly aimed at KS3 but could easily by used be other age groups.

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