OCR GCSE Citizenship Digital Exam paper

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OCR GCSE Citizenship Digital Exam paper (Printable editable version also included) covering all topics for 2.6 – The British Constitution. Designed by our Citizenship GCSE Subject Specialist. This Exam paper will save any Citizenship teacher hours in time when marking papers and it also includes SEN support paper.


OCR GCSE Citizenship Digital Exam paper (Printable editable version also included) covering all topics under Section 2 – Democracy & Government – 2.6 – The British Constitution

Need to save time when marking exams and save on printing costs?
Need a quick way to calculate the grade boundaries / marks scored without having to add anything up?

Our **BRAND NEW **digital exam papers do exactly all of the above and more. We have done all the hard work for you.

What can these new digital exam papers do?
✰ Student can write into the digital PDF exam paper (no more printing and great for online learning, Flipped learning or Homework)
✰ Student can self assess their own work
✰ Teachers can mark work digitally by clicking tick boxes and typing in marks awarded and adding comments and feedback
✰ Exam paper can be used on ANY** device including mobile phones, Tablets, laptops and Desktops
✰ Answer sheet will add up automatically every time you give a mark by clicking a tick and translate this at the end into a 9-1 grade, a % correct and raw score and will let you and the student know how many marks they were off the next grade.
✰ Answer sheet will automatically input marks into a student self assessment reflection grid ready for analysis
✰ If you add a student target grade it will then compare to grade achieved in the paper and colour code it red for below and green for on or above.

✰ Even if you print the exam ‘normally you could still use the digital answer sheet to provide quick feedback (it is a game changer for saving you time and providing detailed feedback to students)
✰ Great for student who get a scribe for exams or who are allowed use of a computer.

**they only need access to a PDF viewer that come standard on most devices like adobe acrobat, Google Chrome or Preview)

Product code: CIT/C8/D/EXAM

Each exam is out of 40 marks and consists of;

  • Section A: Knowledge and Understanding
  • Section B: Source Analysis and Application
  • Section C: Evaluation through Essay Practice

This resource contains in both DIGITAL AND PRINT :

    1. Exam Paper
    1. SEN Adapted Exam Paper (Essay Question)
    1. Source Sheet – with up to date relevant challenging sources
    1. Feedback Sheet – with marking scheme, example answers and grade boundaries to be used by students or teacher
    1. Track missing marks to improve exam technique

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