OCR GCSE Citizenship Upgrade

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A collection of over 100+ Digital Citizenship resources. These unique resources have been designed as highly engaging learning experiences and activities to make the most of your Cre8tive GCSE Citizenship USB


OCR GCSE Citizenship Upgrade


OCR GCSE Citizenship Upgrade Summary

A collection of over 100+ Digital Citizenship resources. These unique resources have been designed as highly engaging learning experiences and activities to make the most of your Cre8tive GCSE Citizenship Resources 

What is included in this digital upgrade?

  • 13-14  Digital Assessment Packs (Normal Exam Paper, SEN paper, Answer Sheets & Digital Marking)
  • 1 Digital Citizenship PLC Student Tracker 
  • 10 Sets of Digital Bingo sheets in 4 Sizes each
  • 2 Digital Workbooklets
  • 50+ Digital 1 – 5 Intervention Sheets
  • 50+ Digital 6 – 9 Intervention Sheets
  • 1 Set of wellbeing digital activities**

**With the exception of these items the rest of these are digitalised versions of products within the GCSE Citizenship Package

We recommend you click on the below link to view the full specification of this package:


Why might I need digital resources for my curriculum?

  • Save on printing costs across the school
  • Use them for Homework tasks
  • Great for students who are having to self isolate
  • Really useful for flipped learning
  • Essential for schools that allow students to bring devices
  • Useful for internal seclusion units
  • Perfect for students who use a laptop to write – You can give them the digital version whilst the rest of the class can use a printed version or their own exercise book.
  • Great for SEN learners and those that struggle with handwritings – less writing
  • Could use instead for students who ‘lose their PSHE booklet’ No need to print another copy
  • Great evidence of learning completed for online platforms- works with all platforms including Google Classroom.
  • You can break down any booklet into an individual sheet and use that as a digital activity

What can these new digital exam papers do?
✰ Student can write into the digital PDF exam paper (no more printing and great for online learning, Flipped learning or Homework)
✰ Student can self assess their own work
✰ Teachers can mark work digitally by clicking tick boxes and typing in marks awarded and adding comments and feedback
✰ Exam paper can be used on ANY** device including mobile phones, Tablets, laptops and Desktops
✰ Answer sheet will add up automatically every time you give a mark by clicking a tick and translate this at the end into a 9-1 grade, a % correct and raw score and will let you and the student know how many marks they were off the next grade.
✰ Answer sheet will automatically input marks into a student self assessment reflection grid ready for analysis
✰ If you add a student target grade it will then compare to grade achieved in the paper and colour code it red for below and green for on or above.

✰ Even if you print the exam ‘normally you could still use the digital answer sheet to provide quick feedback (it is a game changer for saving you time and providing detailed feedback to students)
✰ Great for student who get a scribe for exams or who are allowed use of a computer.

We recommend you click on the below links to view the full range of topics covered:

Specification of this package detailing topics covered  

Download a sample digital resource here  

How do I know this package is right for my school?

Pease read the reviews left by other schools, leaders, and teachers who were early adopters of the Cre8tive Resources approach to T&L.

Please take a moment to check out all our Google Reviews – Click to view 


Which payment methods do you accept?

  • School purchase orders (simply email your purchase order to:  so we can generate the necessary forms for your Finance team)
  • BACS
  • Cheques
  • Debit, credit or Paypal payments via this website page!

Please download the information you need to complete a  school purchase order below

C8R-Purchase-Order-Information Download

For any queries or bespoke requirements, feel free to drop us an email (see above) or call us on +447591810146

How do I receive my resources?

  • DIGITAL TRANSFER available for instant download (request this in the notes section during checkout and provide the teacher recipients email)


What differentiates the Cre8tive Teaching & Learning Resources package from other secondary resources?

  • We have a unique approach to learning and believe that education can both be fun and informative.
  • We specialise in wellbeing and mental health resources for secondary students
  • We give you everything in editable format so you have the tools to make your own versions in the future
  • We use practicing Heads of Department and teachers to design all of our resources
  • One-time payment: no annual subscription fees / no hidden charges / no incremental costs for number of users
  • We provide discounts for SEMH & PRU schools, and those with a roll of less than 100 students
  • We are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We re-invest our profits in supporting SEMH, PRU’s, NQT’s and continually expanding our product range
  • The CEO of Cre8tive Resources is a leading PSHE and Citizenship Teacherpreneur with over 10 years’ of experience in the classroom, and a proven track record outside the classroom

This product will only be allowed to be used by yourself and the teachers within your school. Under no circumstances should it be shared or copied to others, and should not be uploaded to any public shared drives or Facebook groups.

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