Political Participation + Active Citizenship

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A detailed lesson about how ordinary citizens can participate in politics. The lessons look at small actions citizens can take like exercising their right to vote and all the way through to standing as a candidate for a political party. It also looks briefly at the Youth Parliament and being an active citizen. Editable PowerPoint Lesson for Citizenship Studies (60-120 Minutes worth of Material) suitable for KS3 or KS4 students.

Learning Outcomes
Secure: To describe how people can be active citizens in the UK
Extended: To understand a variety of ways citizens can get involved with political participation and strengthen democracy in the UK
Advanced: To evaluate whether political participation is on the decline in the UK

Made by a team of Specialist Practicing Humanities Teachers as part of one of the leading PSHE & Citizenship Resource Providers in the UK – Cre8tive Resources .

What is included in this product?

  • Fully editable 20 slide PowerPoint Lesson 60-120 minutes
  • Assessment Activity
  • 2 x Student Activity Continuum Exercises – Worksheets
  • Campaign Activity Sheet

Answer Keys:
Student input creates some of the answers. Product Code CIT/C8/LS/113

Description of Product
Ready-to-Use pack of classroom activities will enthuse and engage students! This lesson material is designed to be used for between one and two teaching periods and includes; activities, challenging and thoughtful questions, student hand-out (for use during lesson or as a homework), embedded URL links (where appropriate), differentiated tasks and, all relevant information to help students learn about issues relating to the topic.
N.B This lesson can be taught with no printing (For those on tight budgets 🙂

Our Philosophy
We aim to help you equip students with the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their own learning. Products come ‘Ready-to-Teach’ with everything you need to teach fun and creative lessons. Our products are teacher-designed, classroom-tested & student approved.

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