PSHE 2020 Unit – Legal + Illegal KS3 Drugs Unit PSHE – C8/CCB/17

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Legal + Illegal Drugs Unit KS3 – Online and Offline Safety Core theme – PSHE Unit (6 Lessons and an Assessment) Citizenship and PSHE 2020 (Life Skills & Wellbeing) Lesson Pack.

☞ 6 x Lesson Packs (See below for Contents)
☞ 1 x End of Unit Assessment (3 styles)
Lots of activities
☞ 6 Mindfulness Extension activities
☞ 1 x Big Drugs Quiz with Team Answer Sheets
☞ 1 x 12 Page bespoke Workbooklet
Bonus – New County Lines Intervention Booklet for ‘at risk’ students – More in-depth look at this topic – (Can run over an extra 5-6 Sessions)
☞ 1 x Homework or Classwork Project – Become The Teacher and design a lesson about Staying safe

Lesson Topics
Avoiding Gangs
L1 – Introduction to drugs
L2 – Different Types of addictions
L3 – Cannabis Products
L4 -Drugs Classifications
L5 -‘Party Drugs + Recreational Drugs’ MDMA, Shrooms and LSD
L6 – Class A and Class B Drugs (Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Speed, Amphetamines)

Each Lesson Pack Contains:
• 1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning)
• Student Worksheet(s)
• Mindfulness Extension Activities
• Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker)
• Teacher Notes (On some slides)
• Mapped against Latest DfE Guidance, PSHE Association Core themes, and 2020 Requirements


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